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Strategic issues to tap into a $1.2 trillion in value

Jeremy Rifkin - Author and Economist - The Innovation and Strategy Blog

What makes up the $1210 value creation? How to grasp the implications for Senior Leaders and investors in digital technology? Quantitative analysis shows that new revenue generation should claim the largest share of the $1210 Bn at stake, ahead of existing offerings improvement.   Most value to come from novel business lines Top management may consider several alternatives if they want to tap into…

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What is strategy? (1 of many…)

What is strategy? In the last five years, I’ve spoken to approximately 500 executives in Fortune 500 companies in the United States and Europe. One of the things that struck me most is that everybody seems to have their own definition of what strategy means. I guess this is positive because it shows that the question is on everybody’s mind prompting everybody to formulate…