Previous articles spotted technologies showing significant potential for value creation. But what industries should Technology leaders focus on and with what offering? On a broader level, what innovation portfolio should growth-minded CEO build if they want to capture a large share of the $1210 Bn at stake? These questions address the more fundamental issue of resource allocation in a time when new revenue opportunities…

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7 digital technologies to generate $1210 Bn in value by 2025

In previous articles, I indicated that digital technologies should create as much value as the Russian economy while showing, at the same time, the potential to transform every single production activity in Michael Porter’s value chain. Figuring out how value is distributed among technologies acts as a guide to setting investment priorities for multiple stakeholders: Shareholders may refer to a firm’s technology strategy in…

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$1210 Billion up for grabs: why should you care?

How should Senior Leader transform their organizations to capture the $1210 Billion in value? Should they consider changing their company’s business model, hire new talent or invest in specific set of technologies? To address these issues, I draw on conversations with C-level executives in addition to Goldman Sach’s equity research.