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French universities are on the move, says Gilles Gasperment

The last 25 years have seen momentous technological progress: the PC, the Internet, Smartphones, Tablets… This has transformed the way companies do business, the way managers work, the way consumers go about their daily lives. And, McKinsey expects that, by 2025, technological disruptions may create up to $40 trillion in new growth. One would expect that technological progress would be celebrated. This has indeed…

Several days ago, I sat down with Rémi, CEO/founder of IFWE Partners, Among the many subjects we covered was the relationship between innovation and performance, which is at the heart of the work that Rémi is conducting today. Performance is often defined in financial terms, but he believes in a different vision of corporate performance – one where immaterial assets play a more…

A successful innovation improves things I have to get done in my daily life. In order to assess whether an innovation might be successful, the key is understanding how and if the innovation really changes our experience of doing something that we already do in our daily lives. Last week, I applied these criteria to Social Dynamite, a new blog content promotion service. I’ve…

Last week, I addressed the question of defining what successful innovation is. I came up with a list of criteria to assess whether an innovation is successful or not. Today, I want to apply these to criteria to Social Dynamite, a new service I’ve been using to promote my blog content. So here’s the question: is Social Dynamite a successful innovation?   

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What’s a successful innovation? (1/5)

Defining a successful innovation is a tough. Most attempts at defining what a successful innovation is emanate from innovation experts whether they are: innovation consultants for innovation decision-makers working in large companies financial analysts consumer groups that review and rate innovation product My attempt at defining a successful innovation is different.

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How to sell innovation consulting? (8/10)

Selling innovation consulting means being able to understand how clients think. And considering that people think in different ways, understanding how clients think means understanding how different thought patterns operate. Last week, I talked idea association, deduction and induction thinking. This week, I’ll touch upon intuitive thinking, action and feeling thinking.