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“E-education offers on innovative path towards career development”, says Rémi Bollack (1/2)

Several days ago, I sat down with Rémi, CEO/founder of IFWE Partners, Among the many subjects we covered was the relationship between innovation and performance, which is at the heart of the work that Rémi is conducting today. Performance is often defined in financial terms, but he believes in a different vision of corporate performance – one where immaterial assets play a more important role.


IFWE Partners



“Performance, says Rémi, is the ability to manage optimally immaterial assets”.

  • This is, first of all, the ability to improve the value chain, whether it is sourcing goods, transforming goods into finished products, distributing goods and selling them to clients.
  • This is the consideration of the extended enterprise, vendor’s relationship, customer relationship and management, partnership management
  • This is ‘Human resources’, not only the administrative part of it, but the best way to manage talents, keep and attract the best considering the enterprise strategy including the ability to sustain right level of competencies thru dedicated training path
  • This is ‘Communication and Information technologies’ for all aspects of improving the efficiency of the organization and also al innovation part of it
  • This is, at last, the consideration and the management of its competitive environment, whether it’s through partnership, competition, or mergers and acquisitions


I/ E-education offers on innovative path towards career development: E-education is profoundly changing the relationship between individuals and knowledge

Knowledge –  Copyright: knowledgeandmanagement


Most of our discussions revolved around E-education and how it’s transforming the way we access knowledge, learn, and ultimately, manage our careers. E-education and e-learning are making knowledge much more accessible than it was in the past. Today, employees around the world turn to Google to find the latest information on a given topic. They are no longer dependent on their Corporation to find information. In the United States, it’s predicted that 50% of University revenue streams will be coming from e-learning when, in the past, their revenue came from tuition fees, only.


II/ E-education is profoundly changing the relationship between individuals and Corporations

E-education – Copyright: Dalhousie

And this is changing the way we manage competencies all along an individual’s career. This leads to changes in behavior, attitude, and also changes in our relationship to companies. The balance that existed between individuals and Corporations is altered.

The rise of E-education is affecting multiple stakeholders including:

  • universities
  • training companies
  • interim companies
  • consulting companies
  • any other structure where competency, more than tangible assets, is critical, such as consulting companies
  • R&D labs

At a broader level, the rise of E-education is also directly affecting the HR function. Human Resources has traditionally been involved in administration, labor, and talent management. Part of talent management deals with creating training programs to facilitate competency building. E-education is offering a broader access to competency building. As a result, employees don’t rely on their employers, only, to acquire strategic competencies.

In the next discussion, Rémi and I talked about the difference between knowledge and competency.


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