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How to succeed at technology push innovation ?

Pushing technologies onto the market is often derided by innovators. They are countless technologies that have never found a market and that turned out to be failed innovations. But, the fact is that there’s : The wrong way of pushing technologies on the market The right way of pushing technologies on the market This is the subject I want to address in this post.

We’ve crammed our apartment and offices with TVs and computer screens. And, yet, most of the time, they sit there, idle. Yes, that’s right, they’re idle when we’re not there watching and when you’re not using them. This is also true of all many different and entangled cables, which are used to charge and connect our devices together.

How should companies go about acquiring new customers? How can they make sure that their discount offerings are going to result in acquiring new customers? How can they estimate the total lifetime value of a specific individual customer? How can they make the most of their marketing expenditures? How to predict how much a consumer will spend? These are some of the questions I touched…