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Why create a GAFA Tax?

Bruno Le Maire - GAFA Tax - copyright - Le Parisien

Why has France embarked upon the project of taxing Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple and devised a tax that is a specific to digital players also known as the GAFA Tax? And why has France decided to go it alone, despite its long-held belief in European cohesion and unity? I addressed this and more with France 24 journalist, Julia Sieger. I/ Why is there…

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Corporate innovation is changing in form and process

How to innovate in large companies? This simple question turns out to be much more complex than expected, as global players are focused on executing a proven business model rather than searching for a new one whose profitability is untested. These are some of the issues that Andreas Page, Senior Manager in charge of Digital Business Development at Swisscom and myself discussed recently. Presentation…

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Bâtir une entreprise centrée sur le client

Comment développer une entreprise qui se donne pour mission de servir son client ? Voici une question que m’a récemment posée Yann Gourvennec,CEO du cabinet Visionary Marketing et co-auteur avec Hervé Kabla de nombreux livres, dont l’excellent : Le digital expliqué à mon boss. Une telle question peut étonner. En effet, chacun convient que la raison d’être de l’entreprise consiste à répondre aux besoins de…