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What’s a successful innovation? Is Social Dynamite a successful innovation? (2/5)

Last week, I addressed the question of defining what successful innovation is. I came up with a list of criteria to assess whether an innovation is successful or not. Today, I want to apply these to criteria to Social Dynamite, a new service I’ve been using to promote my blog content. So here’s the question: is Social Dynamite a successful innovation? 



Social Dynamite

Social Dynamite is an online platform that enhances your digital marketing experience and allows for easier online content promotion. I’ve used Social Dynamite to create a blogger’s alliance. The blogger’s alliance includes:

When a member of my blogger’s alliance posts content on his blog, members of the blogger’s alliance re-tweet the content on their own social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Viadeo). The result? Content is promoted not only on the blogger’s twitter account but also the accounts of alliance members. In other words, content promotion is duplicated on multiple accounts automatically. Social Dynamite helps to automate this process, among other things.

Now, based on the criteria I defined in a previous post, I want to apply these criteria to Social Dynamite to assess whether it’s a successful innovation.


I/ Do I still use the innovation product?

Yes, I still use the innovation product. I’ve been using it on a daily basis for the last 3 months.


II/ What do I use the innovation product for? What tasks am I trying to get done when I use the innovation product? When do I “hire” the innovation product, under what circumstances?

I use Social Dynamite to promote my blog content. I hire Social Dynamite when I’ve just written a new post and want to make it known on the web. In other words, my use of Social Dynamite is a function of how much content I produce.


III/ What did I do to complete the same task before having purchased that product?

I use to promote my content manually. In other words, there’s no direct competition to Social Dynamite, or at least if there are, I’m not aware of them.


IV/ Do I still revert back to other product offerings to complete the same task?

Nope, I don’t revert back to other product offerings to complete the same task.


V/ Does this innovation product optimize the stuff I have to get done? In other words, does the innovation product help me to accomplish the same tasks in a better way?

Yes, Social Dynamite helps to promote my content faster.


VI/ What’s a successful innovation? 

If the product does optimize the stuff I have to get done (the jobs I have to get done), how do I assess the improvement? How do I measure the benefit? What criteria do I use to assess the benefit?

This is an interesting question. As mentioned in previous posts, there are different kinds of benefits, including functional benefits, emotional benefits and social benefits.

Next week, I’ll provide more details on how Social Dynamics provides:

  • functional benefits
  • emotional benefits
  • social benefits

In the meantime, please feel to provide your ideas of what makes a successful innovation.


Further readings:

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