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Improving the value chain

How is digital transformation changing the way businesses are run throughout the value chain? To be a bit more specific, how is digital transformation improving relationships and processes between suppliers and incumbents? In what way is information flowing more freely? Plus, how can digital technologies be applied to verify whether a newly built store is mindful of the mother companies branding? And, what would…

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Digital transformation and digital innovation

Harrie Barron - Softools

What’s the difference between digital transformation and digital innovation? And what are the implications in terms of funding? Why does it seem like startups excel at digital innovation while established companies focus on digital transformation? And what regions in the world seem most capable at succeeding at digital innovation? Which regions seem most proficient at digital transformation and why? I talk about all this…

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Evolving from CTO role to a CEO one

Evolving from CTO to CEO - readings of a technical cofounder

How do our readings affect our careers? What role does business, sales, innovation, and entrepreneurial books play in shaping our career and personal growth? Can reading help one evolve from a CTO role to a CEO one? Founder of process automation started that and winner of many innovation awards, Ambuj Agrawal, and myself, address these questions in a recent conversation. Introducing Ambuj Agrawal,…

Digital transformation needs a vision

How to successfully conduct digital transformation projects in large organizations? Why is it that over two thirds of digital transformation projects fail? Expert in digital transformation leadership with board member experience and CEO know-how, Gérard de Bourbon, and myself addressed these questions recently. Introducing Gérard de Bourbon Sitting on multiple boards of innovative organizations, Gérard de Bourbon has gained experience in conducting digital transformation projects as well…

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Innovations in the Hospitality industry

Javier Cedillo Espin - Innovations in the hospitality industry

How has the hospitality industry involved in the last few years? In what way has digital innovation improved the customer experience while redefining the nature of competitive advantage? And does any of this change the way we work and live? If so, how? I talk about this, and more, with Javier Cedillo Espin, who’s gained much experience working with hospitality world leader Accor and operating…

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From Startups to Scale-ups

Maxime Baffert - VivaTech

How to create scale-ups in Europe? What should Europe do to foster a promising technology ecosystem? How to evolve the blossoming startup ecosystem in France to one of Scale-ups? Which current startup stands the highest change of turning into a scale-up ? Why is it that Europe has, so far, failed to generate numerous unicorns while Silicon Valley—a small area of only 2.7 million…