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The no code revolution

Ravinder Deol - The no code revolution

What’s no code? In what way is no code different from real code? Is there some kind of distinction to be drawn between note code and low code? And why is no code changing the way we work? In what way is it a revolution in our capital allocation and ownership decisions? How is no code enabling entrepreneurs to develop an MVP without having to partner up with a technical cofounder? Plus, in what way is no code enabling IT leaders to reallocate their talent pool to the business’s most critical issue while at the same time completing the more basic tasks with no code developers?

I cover all this and much more with head of no code education company, Ravinder Deol.

Introducing Ravinder

A prolific blogger and serial entrepreneur, Ravinder was born in England and left school at 16. He founded a company which has reached over 100,000 people. He has visited over 25 countries and lived in the smallest country in the European Union for two years, Malta. Now, he’s an e-resident of Estonia and embracing the remote minimalistic lifestyle.

Check it out ! It’s all here!

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