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Managing the pandemic

Managing the pandemic

How have different countries managed the unexpected Covid-19 global pandemic? And what could Western European countries and the United States learn from Asian countries that have proven especially successful in mitigating risks? I address this matter and more with Gérard de Bourbon, an expert in cultural change and digital transformation.

Our conversation is available in full in the zoom interview below but, let me just highlight a few major points:

  • Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong share in common the fact that they did not experience any kind of full lockdown like many Western European countries did in the United States. And yet, despite what seems to be more lenient matters, mortality rate is much lower than European countries as well as the number of Covid-19 cases.  

Gérard mentioned that this is the result of many factors including:

  • A favorable geography: Japan and Taiwan are both islands making it easier to fend off from foreign-born viruses
  • A relevant experience in dealing with pandemics including SRAS which it Asian countries heavily
  • An ability to communicate meaningfully and timely with their constituents: as an example, leaders of Taiwan and Hong Kong and Japan never downplayed the risks unlike what a number of political decision makers tended to do in the United States, and the United Kingdom and France.
  • A habit of wearing masks 

In any case, this is just an overview of our conversation and you’ll find all of it right here!

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