Telecommunications companies have seen their business models undermined, due to disruptive innovations such as 3G, the smartphone and the PCs among others. Yet, Telecommunications companies can create more value on their markets by implementing several different strategies, according to Gilles Négrel.

Intangible assets include many different aspects: brands, intellectual property, patents, know-how, and copyrights, among others like customers relationships, organization processes, information system, partners, etc. Companies have numerous intangible assets, and most of the time much more than they believe, according to Pierre.

Let’s paint a picture of how large players in telecommunications used to make their money 20 years ago. Large Telecommunications companies like France Telecom, Telecom Italia, Vodafone, AT&T and Deutsche Telekom among others, would secure their revenue based on a fee for a communication, according to Gilles.

« How to bring digital innovation to university life ? » This is a question that has been on Gilles’ mind for the last several years. Today, universities are eager to improve their services to students, researchers, faculty, staff, businesses, as well as their neighbors. And, he selected several areas where there’s much to gain.